Need To Know Information

  • Current Projects
  • Runway Strength
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Rental Cars
  • Drone Operations

Why Delaware Coastal

  • Tax-Free Shopping
  • Convenient Fuel Stop
  • Beaches
  • Top Attractions

Current Weather Conditions

KGED 252241Z AUTO 24007KT 6SM VCTS -RA SCT050 BKN065 OVC085 19/15 A2953 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT ALQDS RAB24 P0005 T01890150
Wind Speed Deg 240
Wind Speed Kt 7

Current Fuel Cost

JET-A W/FSII $4.45/gal.
AVGAS $4.45/gal.
DE Location Map




  • Centrally located within driving distance of 4 major markets
  • Flight Time to: D.C. - 20 min. PHL - 22 min. NYC - 30 min.
  • Next to V-1, a busy North/South airway
  • The preferred airport for Delaware’s beaches


  • Large corporate jet capability
  • Great pavement conditions (all under 10 years old)
  • $40 million in recent improvements
  • 5500 x 150 ft. main runway
  • 3109 x 75 ft. crosswind runway
  • Fuel & service
  • Rail access at the airport
  • Rental car access
Sussex Hangar




We have land available for hangar development!

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